peaceful communion

The place of the most soul-subduing, faith-restoring, strengthening, and peaceful communion, in feeding upon the bread of life, that I have ever known.

Caroline E Stephen, 1890, Quaker faith & practice 2.02

How would you describe meeting for worship?


the light shines in the darkness

In the introduction to Quaker faith & practice, Friends assert that

Signals come to us from all over the world that there is in the human spirit a prompting towards a better way that is persistent and will not be put down. This enduring hope confirms the truth asserted in John’s gospel that the light shines in darkness.

Have you experienced light shining in dark times in your own life? Have you ever had to continue in the darkness, taking it on faith that the light is shining, even if you are not able to perceive it at the time? How do you personally experience that persistent prompting towards a better way?

Give over thine…


Give over thine own willing,
give over thy own running,
give over thine own desiring
to know or be anything
and sink down to the seed
which God sows in the heart,
and let that grow in thee
and be in thee
and breathe in thee
and act in thee;
and thou shalt find by sweet experience
that the Lord knows that
and loves and owns that,
and will lead it to the inheritance of Life,
which is its portion.

Isaac Penington, 1661